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Humanware is a 360 Assessment
and Sucession MAP Tool

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How can Humanware assist me?

Humanware is a comprehensive tool that provides insights into employees’ perception of the organization and the work environment. It enables the identification of areas for improvement, promoting a healthier and more productive environment. It also provides a mapping of the quality of each position, highlighting employees qualified to take on specific roles.

Explore more about the features of Humanware.

360/180 Assessment

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Competences Customization

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9Box and Sentiment Analysis

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Anonymous Feedback

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Succession Map: People Atlas

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Succession Map: Sucessors Map

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360 Assessment

  • Custom-defined Questions and Skills
  • Answers based on the Competency description
  • Number of Roles and Evaluators defined in a personalized way
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Available in Web and Mobile versions


  • Possibility of carrying out 90, 180 or 360 degree evaluation
  • Possibility to customize the number of Roles that will participate in the assessment (Ex: Self-assessment, Manager, Peer, Client, Team Members)
  • Possibility to customize Questions and Skills


    • Hunter consultancy to help define the evaluation strategy
    • Assessment via Interview with a Hunter Consultant
    • Consolidation of the Consultant’s note with the other notes
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9Box & Sentiment Analysis

  • 9Box
  • Sentiment Analysis based on AI for individuals and overall sentiment
  • General Dashboard for tracking the status of response collection
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Dashboard highlighting individual responses versus the overall company view

Succession Map: People Atlas

  • Overview of the Hierarchy of Leaders/Critical Positions in the Company
  • General View of Possible Successors for Each Position/Chair
  • Position/Chair Security
    • Coverage Index (Number of successors for each Position/Chair)
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Succession Map: Successors

  • Successor View for each Office, Sector, or Department
  • Subordinate View for each Office, Sector, or Department
  • Chair/Position Safety View for each Office, Sector, or Department
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