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Hunter has always positioned itself as a Local Business with Global Service!

Now, Hunter is becoming a Global Company with Local Service!


Beginning of operations in Brazil with the Searching, Training and Outplacement Divisions in Campinas/SP


Beginning of Operations in Rio de Janeiro


Partnerships South America


Partnership Mexico (Latam)


Beginning of operations in BH / MG and consolidation of partnerships in the central Brazilian states, consolidating a National Network


Portugal and Africa Partnerships


Partnerships Asia, Australia, and Canada, consolidating the Hunter Globe Network


Consolidation of a powerful worldwide pull of homologated consultants; performance by projects; of the Projects Division


Launch of new products/projects: Factory of Careers; Integrated Assessment; Advice for Retirement; Succession; Change of Culture; Performance evaluation


Beginning of the USA relationship


Silicon Valley Immersion & Stanford University: Gaming Thinking for Innovation and Business, How to accelerate you startup idea, Playful Mindfulness.


Partnerships Stanford Venture Studio, Google Cloud, AWS Activate.


Approval in the FAPESP PIPE Program to promote R&D projects; Partnership with the Faculty of Engineering at Unicamp.


Y Combinator Startup School Program.


Opening of the Hunter branch in Santa Catarina.


Partnerships with the Brazilian Innovation Company (EMBRAPII), Sebrae and the Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence (CEIA).

To promote full customer service throughout the globe, Hunter manages a network of partners created from a rigorous standardization, including the premise of local understanding of the particularities of each region and global service wherever our customers are.

For this to be possible, this network has in its pool of partners the most renowned local companies of each of the countries indicated in the map below.

The homologation process had as the criterion to develop a network where the consultants have the same synergy of business, similarity of services and operational flow, commitment to the quality of delivery and similar philosophy regarding the excellence for the provision of services in the Human Resources area.

In the scope of service provision in the area of Human Resources, Hunter establishes partnerships of two natures: portfolio and geographical.

Take a look on the map on the side and see the locations across the globe where Hunter can manage your project through partners. To know more about the network and way of acting please contact us.

Now, in addition to the already successful partnerships, Hunter again dares to open a subsidiary in California – USA, to better serve its global customers, taking advantage of geographic positioning and constant immersion in an environment of innovation and technology.