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Discover Our 360 Assessment Tool and Succession MAP


Discover Our 360 Assessment Tool and Succession MAP

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Discover Our 360 Assessment Tool
and Succession MAP

Humanware is a comprehensive tool that provides insights into employees’ perception of the organization and the work environment. It enables the identification of areas for improvement, promoting a healthier and more productive environment. It also provides a mapping of the quality of each position, highlighting employees qualified to take on specific roles.

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Ana Paula Zacharias

Ana Paula Zacharias is Cofounder of Hunter Consulting Group, a HR consulting boutique. She is M.A. in Psychology and M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering. She has over 20 years of experience delivering projects in the realm of organizational culture and leadership for technoly companies like Microsoft, IBM, HP, Motorola, and LeNovo. Ana is a member of the steering committee at Enex Global Executive Search. Back in 2004, Ana launched her former company internationally, trippling the its net profit.


Born in Portugal and brought up in Brazil, Joaquim began his professional career early, tracing much of the perseverance of those who understand his responsibility and place in this country. Joaquim also embraced management positions, having also acted as Vice President of Human Resources of multinationals. In 2006, he opted to perform in a more entrepreneurial way, becoming a partner of Hunter Consulting Group and Director of the so call new operation in Rio de Janeiro. Under his leadership, Hunter expanded its ability to deliver and had significant clients in one of Brazil's leading states. Due to his vast experience, credibility and success, he is also an outstanding leader in institutions that represent entire areas or classes, acting as a member of the Board of Directors of Multinational companies, Member of the Fiscal Council of ABRH Brasil and ABRH RJ, Member of the Editorial Board of Revista HR Management, Member of the CRVG Deliberative Board. In addition to his role in Hunter, anyone who wants to find Joaquim will easily see his name listed among the main Speakers in Seminars and Congresses of topics relevant to Human Resources.

Christiane Bacci

Psychologist, graduated from PUC Campinas, MBA in Personnel Management from INPG. Extensive experience as a headhunter for strategic positions. Expert in Human Development with experience in organizational restructuring projects, Assessment, Outplacement, Coaching and Training for top management and middle management, with a focus on continuous improvement in the development of individuals, teams, and climate within the workplace.

Extensive knowledge in profile analysis with application of personality tests, group dynamics, individual interviews, market mappings and composition of reports.

Edgar Pereira Jr.

Edgar is a Psychologist (CRP 08/34062) who graduated from the Methodist University of Piracicaba (UNIMEP), a Master's in Education from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), and a member of the Brazilian Association of Professional and Career Guidance. Consultant with an emphasis on developing organizational and culture redesign projects, with solid knowledge in: Career Development; Choose Professional; Socioemotional Skills; Organizational Diagnosis; Culture and Climate; Recruitment and selection; Assessment; Performance evaluation; Training; Team Building; Leadership Development. He also works with university teaching in the area of Organizational and Work Psychology, with emphasis on Professional and Career Guidance, People Management, and Occupational Health. He currently holds the position of Coordinator of the Psychology Course at FAE in Curitiba.

Gicelda Moreira

Gicelda is responsible for managing Hunter's financial resources and works directly with the partners in developing strategies. Technical knowledge such as Cash Flow, Budget, FP, financial statements, funding and investments have been improved by the performance of the position in several companies since graduation in Business Administration and post graduate in Business Management.She has worked as a teacher and is currently engaged in research on the behavioral aspects involved in financial decisions. In 2018 she obtained a Master's Degree in Business Administration and Financial Education from the american university Florida Christian University. Gicelda has the ambition to help people and entrepreneurs to make better financial choices and, therefore, founded the consultancy G. Moreira that executes projects of implantation of financial controls and and training in financial education.

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A Market player for more than 24 years, Hunter is a Mature and Modern company, with a diverse and very successful history of initiatives and innovation throughout its trajectory.

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