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Discover Our 360 Assessment Tool and Succession MAP



Professional evaluation

Better results for the organization

Evaluation of the employees according to their potential and synchrony with the company's core values.

A tool for

  • Pre-hire
  • Evaluation and Development
  • Succession
  • Teams

The process of selection and evaluation of professionals encompasses many variables, often uncontrollable, that directly interfere in the development of the professional and results for the area.

In addition to the interview skills for future ability, Hunter brings an innovative tool that uses a set of approaches such as neuroscience, cognitive psychology, sociology and information technology to identify “how” the professional thinks and acts, more than “who” he is.

Without labeling, critical thinking, leadership style, and so many other “how” variations are mapped to identify and present potential as well as development gaps.

The compilation of all inputs allows us to present a result that is of great relevance for decision making in organizations.

The result of the application of an Assessment can be used for various purposes such as mapping teams and areas, promoting employees, developing professionals, retention, succession or possible layoffs.

Discover Our 360 Assessment Tool
and Succession MAP

Humanware is a comprehensive tool that provides insights into employees’ perception of the organization and the work environment. It enables the identification of areas for improvement, promoting a healthier and more productive environment. It also provides a mapping of the quality of each position, highlighting employees qualified to take on specific roles.

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