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The most recent and disruptive initiatives in the world are serving the organizations.

A Market player for more than 20 years, Hunter is a Mature and Modern company, with a diverse and very successful history of initiatives and innovation throughout its trajectory.

From the use of technology in its operation to bold and borderless business strategies, the “vocation for the new” is part of the company’s DNA.

In mid-2005, when there was still little buzz about assessment in Brazil, Hunter had already developed methodology and products whose application was intended for the entire life cycle of the professional in the company, starting with the hiring process until his retirement (Integrated Assessment).

The methodology of coaching itself, also in the early 2000s, was based on Neuroscience and Positive Psychology, something that became the “the next big thing” in the US around 2010 and considered more recently in Brazil.

International Partnerships and constant research practice enable Hunter to anticipate market trends, create methodologies and bring reliable and innovative results to its customers.

2018 was the year in which Hunter, through partnerships with Stanford University and a relationship with Silicon Valley companies, made its most disruptive jump to its positioning, having started the development of two new products entirely unpublished, as well as the beginning of a US subsidiary.